Samuel Philip Townshend (6A20)

Date of Birth: 2 Aug 1869
Date of Death: 8 Nov 1958
Generation: 7th
Residence: Mornington, Victoria, Australia
Father: Richard Horatio Townsend [6A10]
Mother: Maunsell, Frances Maria
  1. Richardson, Isabella Blanche
  1. Philip Mervyn Maunsell [6A30]
  2. Richard Dennis Hare [6A31]
  3. Hildegardis Katherine [6A32]
  4. Muriel Mildred Frances [6A33]
  5. Gladys Mary [6A34]
  6. Doreen Newman [6A35]
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Notes for Samuel Philip Townshend. See also.

Samuel was born at Malvern and educated at Clifton College, Bristol, following which he emigrated to Australia in 1887.

Married 22 January 1896. Isabella Blanche Richardson (1) was the youngest daughter of I. Richardson of Cowes, Philip Island, Victoria, Australia.

Aged 10, Samuel inherited Garrycloyne (2) when his father died in 1879. He leased the property when he emigrated. The April 1911 Irish Census records that the Reverend Laurence Murphy, a Roman Catholic Parish Priest aged 60, was renting the house which consisted of 16 rooms, two stables, a coach house and four other outbuildings.

In her autobiography, ‘Anything Once’ Samuel’s cousin Dorothy Petrie Townsend (Carew) [6A29] wrote that she first saw Garrycloyne in 1931 and had been warmly welcomed by the tenants. When she next saw the house in 1940 it was empty and in a such a poor state of repair that it had to be demolished shortly afterwards and the land was sold to a Cork Grazier.

Samuel's birth is shown as 1871 in 'An Officer of the Long Parliament'. He died at Mornington, Victoria.

All the children were born at Snapper Point, Mornington, Victoria.

(1) Isabella died on 8 March 1938.

(2) Ordnance survey of Ireland. Discovery Series. 1:50,000. Map sheet 80, grid reference W593803.

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