Edward Townsend (374)

Date of Birth: 1853
Date of Death: 1 Oct 1931
Generation: 8th
Residence: West Wyalong, NSW, Australia
Father: Thomas Townsend [339]
Mother: Gain, Eliza
  1. Edgar, Margaret Tredwell
  1. Victoria Mae [3A13]
  2. Edgar Thomas [3A14]
  3. Maud Violet [3A15]
  4. Christian Catherine [3A16]
  5. Margaret Eliza [3A17]
  6. Helena Isabella [3A18]
  7. Alice Elizabeth Jane [3A19]
  8. Halbert Edward [3A08]
  9. David Clayton [3A09]
  10. Eric John [3A10]
  11. Keith McKellar [3A11]
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Notes for Edward Townsend

Edward was born at Nhill, Victoria, Australia.

Married 18 February 1880 at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Forbes, Euabalong, NSW by the Reverend Arthur Ashworth Aspinall. Margaret Tredwell Edgar (1) was the daughter of Halbert Edgar and Margaret Burgess who emigrated to Australia from Scotland.

As a young man Edward started working at Whoyeo station in Lachlan Shire, near Lake Cargellico, NSW. By the time of his marriage in 1880 he was the overseer on the station and remained there for the next 40 years, with the exception of a one year break at Big Willandry Station. About 1913 Edward moved to Bygaloree station where he served as the manager for the next two years. Following this he moved with his family to Kurrajong Street in West Wyalong where he remained for the rest of his life.

Edward died at West Wyalong, NSW. He is buried in the Presbyterian portion of the Wyalong Cemetery. In his obituary, which is reproduced in his scrapbook, he is described as "One of the grand old pioneers of the Lake Cargellico District.....He was held in the highest esteem and affection of a wide circle of friends in the Lake Cargellico and West Wyalong districts."

For the last ten years of her life Margaret was an invalid and lived with her son Keith Townsend [3B03] in West Wyalong. She spent the last 18 months of her life in Sydney with her daughter Margaret [3A17].

(1) Margaret was born in 1858 at Harrow, Victoria and died on 22 Oct 1946 in Sydney, She is buried in the Presbyterian portion of the Wyalong Cemetery.