Halbert Edward Townsend (3A08)

Date of Birth: 1885
Date of Death: 1958
Generation: 9th
Residence: Orange, NSW, Australia
Father: Edward Townsend [374]
Mother: Edgar, Margaret Tredwell
  1. Deas, Evelyn
  1. Halbert Cyril [3A12]
  2. Thelma Margaret [3A68]
  3. Reginald William [3A69]
  4. Phyllis May [3A70]
  5. Ruby Treadwell [3A71]
  6. Alwyn Dulcie [3A72]
  7. Helena Joyce [3A73]
  8. Nita E [3A74]
  9. Geoffrey C [3A75]
  10. Heather L [3A76]
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Notes for Halbert Edward Townsend

Married 1908 in Hillston. Evelyn Deas was the daughter of William Deas.

Halbert was born at Hillston, NSW and died at Orange, NSW.

Information provided by Lisa Jane Townsend [3A47].