Helena Joyce Townsend (3A73)

Date of Birth: 5 Jun 1921
Date of Death: 10 Mar 2000
Generation: 10th
Residence: Moree, NSW, Australia
Father: Halbert Edward Townsend [3A08]
Mother: Deas, Evelyn
  1. Cantrill, Edward Sylvester
  1. GR Cantrill
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Notes for Helena Joyce Townsend

Helena was born at Euabalong, NSW.

Married at Orange, NSW on 20 January 1945. Edward Sylvester Cantrill was born on 11 February 1917 at Cumnock NSW and died on 4 February 1991.

Helen and Edward both died at Moree.

The child GR Cantrill married SA McEwan and had three children.

Information provided by Carol J Baker, daughter of Nita Townsend [3A74].