Richard Dennis Hare Townshend (6A31)

Date of Birth: 22 Nov 1908
Date of Death: 1977
Generation: 8th
Residence: Box Hill, Victoria, Australia
Father: Samuel Philip Townshend [6A20]
Mother: Richardson, Isabella Blanche
  1. Dawborn, Muriel Dorothy
  1. Richard Philip [6A39]
  2. Peter Frederick [6A40]
  3. Anne Maunsell [6A41]
  4. Patricia Elizabeth [6A42]
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Richard was born at Snapper Point, Mornington, Victoria.

Married 15 September 1937. Muriel Dorothy Dawborn was the daughter of Frederic Rudolf Dawborn of 744, Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia. Richard was educated at Mentone School and Melbourne University.

Richard was a Flying Officer with the Royal Australian Air Force from July 1942 until January 1946 after which he became an architect. He died at Box Hill, Victoria.