Andrew Colin Crofton Townsend (5B38)

Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown
Generation: 9th
Residence: Tamworth, Australia
Father: Ralph Obre Crofton Townsend [5B34]
Mother: Brooks, Annabelle Patricia
  1. Yeomans, Mary
  2. Holmes, May
    • Nicola Jean [5B44]
    • Phillipa Louise [5B45]
    • Suzanne Andrea [5B46]
    • Raife William Crofton [5B47]
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Notes for Andrew Colin Crofton Townsend

Nothing is known about Andrew's first marriage. Married 2nd in 1970.

Andrew and his second wife visited Castletownshend on 17 March 1990 and detailed their pedigree in Rose-Marie Townsend's [269] visitor's book. It is from this that details of the descendants of Thomas Crofton Croker Townsend [5B15] have been extracted and entered in these records.

Andrew emigrated to Tamworth, Australia with his family in 1982.

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