Constance Rosemary Townsend (6C32)

Date of Birth: 23 Jul 1916
Date of Death: 3 Dec 2005
Generation: 8th
Residence: Sydney, Australia
Father: Admiral Cyril Samuel Townsend CMG [6C14]
Mother: Moseley, Mary Elizabeth
  1. Freeman, William A.
  1. Jessica Rosemary
  2. William Addison
  3. John Philip
  4. Elizabeth Mary
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Notes for Constance Rosemary Townsend

Married 12 January 1946 at Bishopstoke, Hants. William Freeman (1) came from Sydney, Australia and was a mining engineer.

William was educated at Cranbrook, Geelong Grammar School, Victoria, and Sydney University. He served in the Second World War and reached the rank of Captain. He worked in Columbia, South America, for many years and all the children were born in there.

The family returned to Australia in the early 1960s and settled at 93 Wentworth Road, Vaucluse, Sydney. Later, in 1981, Constance moved to a smaller property at 26 Etham Road, Darling Point.

Constance was born in Wem, Shropshire and died in Sydney, New South Wales. Is there a connection here with Maria Stewart (Cissie) Townshend [5D28]?

Of the children:-

Jessica Rosemary Freeman was born 2 November 1946 and attended Ascham School, Egdecliffe from which she graduated in 1963. She lived mainly in London, England and contributed much very valuable information about the Townsend family.

William Addison Freeman was born 18 May 1948. He was an executive and lived in Bondi.

John Philip Freeman was born 25 April 1952. He married, had two children and lived at Waverley.

Elizabeth Mary Freeman was born 18 January 1955. She was a nurse and married Gerald Clayton Livingston in the 1980s. Much later Elizabeth went to live near Coffs Harbour (2), while Gerald continued to farm at Moree. They had three children:

Jamie Rosemary Livingston.

William Angus Livingston

Katherine Ann Livingston who was born 13 January 1997.

Further details on William's family can be found at The Family of John Aspinall page 80, Sub-Section 2.

(1) William was born on 16 March 1919 at Potts Point and died on 24 August 1968 in Sydney. He was created on 28 August 1968 and his ashes were interred at the South Head Cemetery.

(2) Donald Gordon Townsend [3A29] and Lanie Nicole Townsend [3A45] also lived in Coffs Harbour.

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