Edward James Townsend (340)

Date of Birth: ca 1825
Date of Death: 1 Dec 1885
Generation: 7th
Residence: Corowa, NSW, Australia
Father: Lieut Thomas Townsend RN [319]
Mother: Freke, Helena
  1. Townsend, Mary Alice [436]
  1. Edward Alan Cameron [356]
  2. Vernon [357]
  3. Richard Clarence Nugent [358]
  4. Maud Violet [359]
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Notes for Edward James Townsend

Married November 1865 in St Nicholas Parish Church, Dublin. Mary Alice Townsend [436] was the daughter of Samuel Townsend [412] of St Kames Island, Derreeny (1) and Blackrock, Co Cork.

Edward emigrated to Australia as a young man and returned to Ireland in about 1855. He returned to Australia (Corowa, New South Wales) in about 1861 and died there. Mary did not care for Australia and returned to Castletownshend after Edward's death, having put her sons into private school in Switzerland.

Edward's brother Thomas Townsend [339] emigrated to Tasmania in 1838 and later moved to Canowindra, NSW, and his brother James Townsend [342] emigrated to Victoria in about 1859 and later moved to Townsville, NSW.

These details are drawn from a letter dated 26 April 1975 from May Miller of Fullerton, California to Rose-Marie Townsend [269].

Edward's death is recorded in the diary of Agnes Townsend [334] - 'Dec 1 1885 Edward Townsend died in Australia'. Page 666 of The Calendar of Wills and Administration 1858-1922 in the National Archives of Ireland records that Administration (with the will) of the estate of "Edward Townsend late of Nangunia New South Wales Gentleman" who died on 1 December 1885, was granted at Dublin on 20 January 1914 to " William John Verlin Solicitor". Effects £972 16s 2d.

(1) The entry for Derreeny in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "This property was built sometime after the 1st edition Ordnance map was published. In the 1850s Samuel Townsend held a property in fee at Derreeny, valued at £6 10s. Labelled Derreeny House on the 25-inch Ordnance Survey map, it is still extant and occupied."

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Jonas Morris Townsend [237], Thomas Townsend [339], James Townsend [342], Reuben Joseph Townsend [373], Edward Townsend [374], Edward Becher Townsend [433], Samuel Edward Townsend [441], Edward Townsend [445], Edward Carr Townsend [5A01], Andrew Colin Crofton Townsend [5B38], David Michael Hume Townsend [667], Penelope Townsend [671], Samuel Philip Townsend [6A20], Sarah Townsend [6B56], Constance Rosemary Townsend [6C32]*.