Vernon Townsend (357)

Date of Birth: 27 Jun 1875
Date of Death: 5 Dec 1948
Generation: 8th
Residence: Australia & USA
Father: Edward James Townsend [340]
Mother: Mary Alice Townsend [436]
  1. Woodworth, Nora
  1. William Woodworth [384]
  2. Mary Alice [385]
  3. Richard [386]
  4. June Vera [387]
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Vernon was born in Corowa, Australia, and married in Monterey, California in April 1911. He raised stock in New Zealand for a short time before emigrating to California with his brother, Edward Townsend [356], in about 1896. He grew fruit and raised bees on about 20 acres of land in the Simi Valley, Ventura, California.

These details are drawn from a letter (1) dated 26 April 1975 from May Miller of Fullerton, California to Rose-Marie Townsend [269].

(1) Townsend Family correspondence held by Colonel John Townsend [5A26].