Edward Alan Cameron Townsend (356)

Date of Birth: 1865
Date of Death: 1936
Generation: 8th
Residence: USA & Sydney, Australia
Father: Edward James Townsend [340]
Mother: Mary Alice Townsend [436]
Spouse: Unmarried
Issue: None
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Edward was born in Essendon, Victoria, Australia. He raised stock in New Zealand for a short time before emigrating to California with his brother, Vernon Townsend [357], in about 1896. Following an argument with Vernon Edward left California and returned to Australia.

Edward died at Granville, New South Wales.

These details are drawn from a letter (1) dated 26 April 1975 from May Miller of Fullerton, California to Rose-Marie Townsend [269]. Australian Government records show an 'Alan Cameron Townsend', whose father's name was Edward and mother's name was Mary Alice, coming from Granville District, Sydney and dying in 1936.

(1) Townsend Family correspondence held by Colonel John Townsend [5A26].