Rose-Marie Elizabeth Townshend (269)

Date of Birth: 1917
Date of Death: 6 Jul 2003
Generation: 9th
Residence: Castletownshend
Father: Maurice FitzGerald Stephens Townshend [263]
Mother: ffolliott, Blanche Lillie
  1. Salter, William Robert
  1. Robert William Townshend [270]
  2. Brian David George [271]
  3. Geraldine Frances [272]
  4. Anne-Marie Elizabeth [273]
  5. Peter Richard Maurice [286]
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Notes for Rose-Marie Elizabeth Salter-Townshend

Rose-Marie was born at Shepperton (1), which was owned by her uncle Hubert de Burgh Townsend [264] having inherited the property when Jane, wife of Jonas Morris' [222], died in Dublin on 30 October 1878.

Rose-Marie was educated at Alexandra College, Dublin. (Her distant cousin Anne Townsend [5C22] was there at the same time.)

Married June 1938. William Salter (2) assumed the additional name Townshend by deed poll in 1949 following the death of Rose-Marie's father in 1948. He was the son of William Jagoe Salter of Castle Farm, Castletownshend. Peace Commissioner.

Following a short spell in England Rose-Marie and William returned to Castletownshend in 1941 and during the next 60 years she devoted all her energy to running the Castle and involvement in village affairs. She took a particular interest in the RNLI and was awarded a gold medal by the Princess Royal for her fundraising work. She was also much involved in the Castlehaven Nursing Association and received a lifetime award for her commitment.

Rose-Marie was buried in St Barrahane's Church, Castletownshend, on 9 July 2003. A full report of her life is given in the Southern Star of 19 July 2003. The inscription on her headstone is “In Loving Memory of ROSE-MARIE ELIZABETH SALTER-TOWNSHEND 1917 - 2003. AND HER HUSBAND WILLIAM ROBERT SALTER-TOWNSHEND 1918 – 2011”.

(1) The entry for Shepperton in the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway Connacht and Munster Landed Estates Database records "John Townsend held this property in fee at the time of Griffith's Valuation, when it was valued at £20 10s. Noted by Lewis as the seat of M. Townsend in 1837 and by Leet as the residence of Jonas M. Townsend in 1814. Shepperton is still extant but in poor repair."

(2) William was born in 1917 and died peacefully on 12 October 2011.