Reuben Joseph (Bob) Townsend (373)

Date of Birth: 21 Mar 1875
Date of Death: 25 Aug 1922
Generation: 8th
Residence: Sydney, Australia
Father: Doctor Charles Bryan (Charlie) Townsend [347]
Mother: Carr, Mary Ann (Marian)
  1. Anderson, Catherine
  2. McCarthy, Lillian Josephine
    • Dorothy [394]
    • Lieutenant Commander Noel Somerville [395]
    • Gwenneth Zoe [396]
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Notes for Reuben Joseph Townshend (Bob)

Reuben was born in Long Eaton, Derbyshire. His father was Dr William Beckwith Carr (1) who died when Reuben was only 11 months old and Dr Charles Bryan Townsend [347] bought the medical practice in Long Eaton. In doing so he met Reuben's mother, Mary Ann (Marian) (nee Sweet), and fell in love with her. Marian was initially reluctant to marry as she already had four children by William. Charles' mother Agnes wrote to Marian encouraging her to marry Charles and this they finally did on 14 November 1878. Charles adopted Marian's children and changed their surname to Townshend.

Reuben married first Catherine Anderson in 1903 in Sydney Registry Office, giving his name as Carr-Townshend and his address as ‘SS Wollowa'. He married secondly Lillian Josephine McCarthy (d. 16 July 1969) in St Patrick’s Catholic Church Sydney on 18 March 1907 and gave his name as Townshend. On both marriage certificates Reuben gave Charles as his father and stated he was born in Cork Ireland.

Very little is known about Reuben. It is thought by his grandchildren that he studied medicine but gave it up and went to sea and became a Master Mariner and ship's captain.

Reuben's death certificate shows Charles as his father and birthplace as Cork, Ireland.

(1) William was born 6th June 1846. He studied at the University of Berlin and was a medical practitioner. He died on 28 Feb 1876.

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