Lieutenant Commander Noel Somerville Townsend (395)

Date of Birth: 11 Dec 1907
Date of Death: 8 Apr 1981
Generation: 9th
Residence: Sydney, Australia
Father: Reuben Joseph (Bob) Townsend [373]
Mother: McCarthy, Lillian Josephine
  1. McDougall, Jean Mary
  1. Lesley Mary [397]
  2. James Somerville [398]
  3. Robert Noel [399]
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Notes for Lieutenant Commander Noel Somerville Townshend Royal Australian Navy

Married 1944 in Holy Cross Catholic Church, Woollahra, Sydney.

Noel went to Sydney University and read law (LLB). He was a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Australian Navy.

Jean died on 14 September 2001.