Lesley Mary Townsend (397)

Date of Birth: 30 Oct 1945
Date of Death: Unknown
Generation: 1st
Residence: Sydney Australia
Father: Lieutenant Commander Noel Somerville Townsend [395]
Mother: McDougall, Jean Mary
  1. Edgecombe, Lloyd Sandon
  1. Jane Mary
  2. Sarah Jean
  3. Lesley
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Notes for Lesley Mary Townshend

Married July 1970.

Of the children.

Jane Mary Edgecombe was born 21 June 1974 and went to Sydney University (MA. M.Edu).

Sarah Jean Edgecombe was born 19 October 1976, went to Charles Sturt University (B.Bus) and married Andrew Mansour (LLB) on 7 July 2007.

Lesley Edgecombe married Maxwell John Rawnsley.