Sarah Townsend (6B56)

Date of Birth: 25 Sep 1950
Date of Death: viv 1975
Generation: 9th
Residence: Australia
Father: Commander David Franks Townsend OBE [6B46]
Mother: Lampen, Miriam
Spouse: Unmarried
Issue: None
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Notes for Sarah Townsend

Sarah emigrated to Australia.

Other ‘Townsend’ Australian émigrés - Denotes with descendants.

Jonas Morris Townsend [237], Thomas Townsend [339], Edward James Townsend [340], James Townsend [342], Reuben Joseph Townsend [373], Edward Townsend [374], Edward Becher Townsend [433], Samuel Edward Townsend [441], Edward Townsend [445], Edward Carr Townsend [5A01], Andrew Colin Crofton Townsend [5B38], David Michael Hume Townsend [667], Penelope Townsend [671], Samuel Philip Townsend [6A20], Constance Rosemary Townsend [6C32].