Reverend Butler Townsend (126)

Date of Birth: 1706
Date of Death: dsp 21 June 1757
Generation: 4th
Residence: Kilgariff, Rosscarbery and Castlehaven
Father: Richard Townsend [116]
Mother: Minchin, Elizabeth
  1. Roche, Frances
Issue: None
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Notes for Reverend Butler Townsend

Butler was born near Bandon.

Page 127 of Gillman's 'Index to the Marriage Licence Bonds of the Diocese of Cork and Ross' records a Marriage Bond dated 1734. Married 20 December 1734 according to John FitzHenry Townsend [250] and 1752 according to the Roche Pedigree. Frances Roche (1) was a daughter of John Roche from West Carberry and her sister, Martha, married Francis Townsend [125], Butler's brother.

Alumni Trinity College Dublin from Co Cork and Kerry 1593-1860 in Dr Casey's Collection records that Butler was taught by Mr Goodman of Rosscarbery before he entered Trinity College, Dublin, on 6 February 1723 aged 17 as a pensioner who paid a fixed sum annually for his studies. Mr Goodman also tutored Butler's father, Richard Townsend [116], before he entered the University in 1701.

The TCD Graduation List shows that Butler qualified BA in Spring 1728 and MA in Summer 1731. Horatio Townsend [600] and Francis Townsend [132] were undergraduates at TCD at the same time.

Ordained in Cork on 18 September 1743, Butler was appointed Curate of Kilgariff, Ross on 26 August 1747. See page 257 of Brady's Parochial and Clerical Records Volume 3. The Castlehaven Vestry Book 1739 - 1824 records that Butler was Clergyman 1754-1756.

In 1896 Dorothea Townshend, the wife of Richard Baxter Townshend [5D15], wrote six articles entitled ‘Notes on the Council Book of Clonakilty’ for inclusion in the ‘Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society’ that year. (2) Thirteen members of the family were elected to serve on the council between 1686, when Colonel Richard Towensend [100] was elected Sovereign (Portreeve) and 1802 when the Rev Horatio Townsend [5D00] was the last Sovereign; of these, seven served as Sovereign. The Council met on average about four times each year with St James’ Day on 25 July and St Luke’s Day on 28 October as regular fixtures. There is a gap in the records between February 1730 and 1802 though it is recorded that Philip Townsend [500] was Sovereign in 1764 and 1765.

Butler was elected a Freeman of the borough on 16 October 1728 (3) at the same time as his brother the Francis Townsend [125] but there is no further reference to them in the Council Book. His cousins Cornelius Townsend [128] & Horatio Townsend [130] and uncles John FitzCornelius Townsend [122], Richard Townsend [201], Samuel Townsend [400] & Philip Townsend [500] were all freemen of the Borough. His uncle John Townsend [300] was Sovereign at the time of his election.

Butler died in the same week as his nephew, Butler [137].

Several entries in the Church of Ireland Parish Records of Ross Cathedral 1690–1823 refer to Butler.

P.26 Burials "June 21 1757 The Rev Butler Townsend buried."

P.27 Baptisms "1747 9br (September) 28th Francis ye son of Mr Freke Smith ([117]) baptized. Sponsors Reverend Butler Townsend, Mr William Donovan, Miss Jane and Grace Jones"

P.29 Christenings "1751 June 17th Mary and Jane daughters of Mr Jonas Morris ([308]). Mr Thomas Hungerford and Reverend Mr John Beamish, Mrs Sarah Morris Jane Jones, Mrs Butler Townsend, Mrs Horatio Townsend ([130]? [600]?]) and Richard Townsend ([131]? [116]? [213]?) minor sponsors."

P.47 Burials 1792 November 5th Elizabeth the wife of the Rev Butler Townsend deceased aged 80 years."

(1) Frances was born in 1712 and died on 4 November 1792. She was godmother to Samuel Townsend [563].

(2) They can be read in the Journal at pages 79-84, 129-135, 172-177, 22-224, 270-273 and 320-322. Dorothea’s interpretation of the election of individuals differs from that in these records, particularly in references to “John Townsend”. Since 1896 evidence has come to light that makes identification of him more plausible and this is explained in the records for John FitzCornelius Townsend [122] and John Townsend [300].

(3) The entry in the Council Book reads "At the court of record held for the said borough the 16th day of October 1728 by John Townesend Esq Sovereign and Richard Hungerford deputy recorder the under-named persons were admitted and sworn freemen of the corporation. Signed:- John Townesend Sovereign, Richard Hungerford Dep. Rec. Thomas Cole, Edward Blake, Thomas Blake, Garett Hearn, Richard Troume, David Troume, Joseph Burchell, Samuel Burchell, William Byre, Thos Curtin, Edwd Barrett, John Grady, John Coursey, Lawrence Salter, Richd Nash, John Dinneen, Mr. Francis Townesend, Mr. Butler Townesend."

'An Officer of the Long Parliament' Ch VIII p. 202 refers.