Jane Townsend (117)

Date of Birth: post 1679
Date of Death: post 1747
Generation: 3rd
Residence: Kilmacabea?, Co Cork
Father: Captain Francis Townsend [102]
Mother: Honor, Katherine
  1. Donovan, Cornelius
  2. Smyth, Freke
    • Mary Ann
    • Francis
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Notes for Jane Townsend (Jane Townesend)

Under the heading 'Townesend', page 127 of Gillman's 'Index to the Marriage Licence Bonds of the Diocese of Cork and Ross' records two Marriage Bonds.

First, a bond dated 1712 with Cornelius Donovan. Married 8 December 1712. Jane was from the parish of Kilnagross and Cornelius Donovan came from the parish of Kilmacabea. There is a manuscript note about this marriage in the copy of 'An Officer of the Long Parliament' belonging to Richard Baxter Townsend [5D15].

Second, a bond dated 1734 with Freke Smyth.

Several entries in the Church of Ireland Parish Records of Ross Cathedral 1690–1823 refer to 'Mr Freke Smyth' and it is reasonable to assume that they refer to Jane's second husband. The entries in chronological order are:

P.23 Christenings "1738 January 7 Mary Ann daughter to Mr Freke Smyth."

P.27 Baptisms "1739 May 18 Mary Ann daughter of Mr Freke Smyth."

P.27 Baptisms "1747 9br (September) 28th Francis ye son of Mr Freke Smith baptized. Sponsors Reverend Butler Townsend ([126]), Mr William Donovan, Miss Jane and Grace Jones." (William Donovan must be related to Jane's first husband.)

P.40 Burials "1782 December 28th Mr Freke Smyth."