Reverend Edward Mansel Townshend (630)

Date of Birth: 3 Feb 1860
Date of Death: 19 Jan 1947
Generation: 7th
Residence: Llanvapley, Abergavenny, Wales
Father: Commander John Townsend FRGS [622]
Mother: Marianne Oliver (Minnie) Townshend [5D16]
  1. Young, Jesse Francis
  1. Noel Edward Grimani [674]
  2. Charles Archibald Victor [678]
  3. Jessamine Hildegarde Bosanquet. [694]
  4. Ernest Frederick Ryder [679]
  5. Samuel Richard Trelawney (Dick) [680]
  6. Daisy Jessie Marian [681]
  7. Violet Frances Victoria [682]
  8. Grace Elizabeth FitzGerald [683]
  9. Sybil Gertrude Elton [684]
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Notes for Reverend Edward Mansel Townshend

Edward was born at 11 Burlington Street, Bath. He entered Clare College, Cambridge in February 1884 and graduated in December 1885. The failure of the Irish rents meant that Edward's father was unable to finance him as an undergraduate, but this was resolved through the generosity of various relations who contributed to support him during his studies; most notably his godfather Horace Payne-Townshend [5D12], his Uncle by marriage Brian Hodgson (husband of Susan Townshend [5D21]) and Elise, second wife of Samuel Thomas Townsend [443].

Married 13 June 1890 at Ilmington Parish Church by the bride's father and the groom's cousin Rev John Hume Townsend [635]. Jessie Frances (1) was the daughter of Rev C Young.

Following ordination Edward held a number of clerical appointments including Clerical Chaplin to Dr Barnado's Homes 1892 and the Curacy of Canon Gibson's old Church in Harrogate 1894. He was offered the living of the parish of St Mapley's Llanvapley, near Abergavenny by the Marquess of Abergavenny in August 1898 and was subsequently appointed Rector on 31 October 1898. Edward remained there until his death in 1947.

Edward was a prolific writer of letters and clearly relished 'networking', though, on occasions, his zeal outran his discretion. He kept in touch with many members of the family both within his branch and others, particularly the Whitehall (his grandmother's) and Derry (his mother's) branches of the family. He visited Ireland at least twice and records in his unpublished autobiography (2) his meetings with his many cousins in these two branches of the family. Edward's grandson (Michael Skinner – see the entry for Sybil Gertrude Townsend [684]) spent many years transcribing his unpublished autobiography and a large amount of Townsend family correspondence dating from 1816. Much of the information contained in these records has been derived from this material. These papers have been deposited in Gloucester Record Office along with transcription discs.

(1) Jesse was born on 15 October 1869 and died on 8 July 1933.

(2) 'A Protestant Auto-Biography by the Rev E Mansel Townshend'