Ernest Frederick Ryder Townshend (679)

Date of Birth: 8 Oct 1905
Date of Death: dsp 11 Jul 1992
Generation: 8th
Residence: Llanvapley & Oxford
Father: Reverend Edward Mansel Townshend [630]
Mother: Young, Jesse Francis
  1. Not Known
Issue: None
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Notes for Ernest Frederick Ryder Townsend

Married briefly then divorced.

Ernest was educated at Dean Close School, Cheltenham and Monkton Combe School before completing an engineering apprenticeship with GWR in Swindon.

Ernest joined the Merchant Navy as a marine engineer and travelled the world; a letter to him from Charlotte Powell of Llanvapley, near Abergavenny, dated 29 September 1969, shows that he was the Chief Engineer on the 'MV Tong Joo', c/o KIE Hock Shipping Co., P.O.Box 2271, Singapore. Later in his life he undertook missionary work.

Ernest invented and patented a form of gas injection engine and spent his entire income trying to get it developed.

When not at sea, Ernest lived at Llanvapley with his brother and sister for some time before moving to Oxford. He died in a nursing home in Wantage.