Herbert Oliver Townshend (5D37)

Date of Birth: 10 Jun 1880
Date of Death: 1975
Generation: 7th
Residence: Halifax, Nova Scotia and Ottawa, Canada
Father: Nathaniel Wilmot Oliver Townshend [5D13]
Mother: Strawson, Maria
  1. Stewart, Katie
Issue: None
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Notes for Herbert Oliver Townshend

Herbert was born in Adolphus Road, Finsbury Park, London.

Katie Stewart was the daughter of Dr Stewart of Appin, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Herbert was educated at Brownswood Park College 1886-1894 and thence at Mill Hill School which he left in 1900. He started his career as a clerk in the Castle Steamship Line and was appointed Purser in one of their ships just before amalgamation with the Union Line. On a voyage out from the United Kingdom Herbert was offered employment in South Africa by one of the passengers; eager to follow this up he completed the voyage and returned to Cape Town only to find that his benefactor had died. Herbert decided to remain in South Africa and after a short spell in the Police Force he took up a job supervising natives in the gold mines.

Returning to the UK in 1912, Herbert decided to go to Canada and this he did with an introductory letter from his brother, Horatio Baxter Townshend [5D34], to an old acquaintance who was going out to Halifax, Nova Scotia to reorganize the Naval Store Department there. Initially appointed Assistant Officer at the store Herbert remained there eventually to become Chief Officer of the Naval and Victualing Store at Halifax. Later he moved to the Royal Canadian Navy Headquarters in Ottawa and retired in 1940.

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