John Sealy Ernest Somerville Townsend (364)

Date of Birth: 14 Dec 1883
Date of Death: Unknown
Generation: 8th
Residence: USA & Canada
Father: Reverend Horace Thomas Edward (Hoddy) Townsend [346]
Mother: Oldburn, Elizabeth
  1. Perry, Margaret Adeline
  1. Several
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Notes for John Sealy Ernest Somerville Townsend

John's birth was recorded in the diary of Agnes Townsend [334] - 'Dec 14 1883 H's son born - John Sealy Ernest Somerville'.

Ernest emigrated to the USA in February 1902 and married in Winnipeg in 1908. Nothing is known about his wife, Margaret Adeline Perry.

In the obituary dated 25 July 1953 for his brother (Frederick Townsend [362]) it states that "he is survived by a brother believed to be in Saskatoon and several nieces and nephews".

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