John Townsend (338)

Date of Birth: 22 Aug 1832
Date of Death: 19 Jun 1872
Generation: 7th
Residence: Canada? USA?
Father: Lieut Thomas Townsend RN [319]
Mother: Freke, Helena
  1. Not known, Amelia
  1. Not known
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Notes for John Townsend

Judge John FitzHenry Townsend [250] shows that John went abroad and was not heard of for many years. Reputedly, he returned to Ireland in 1874 having become a lawyer and County Court Judge in California. He is also said to have changed his name to O'Brien.

John's first cousin, Richard Townsend [335], emigrated to Canada in 1847, but died of typhoid (as did his wife Maria) very shortly after his arrival.

Other ‘Townsend’ Canadian émigrés - Denotes with descendants.

Richard Townsend [335](?), Frederick Charles Somerville Townsend [362], John Sealy Ernest Somerville Townsend [364] All Table IIIB entries, Desmond Walter Townsend [5B49], Herbert Oliver Townsend [5D37], David William Townsend [5D55], Neville Frederick Townsend [6C11].