Desmond Walter Townshend (5B49)

Date of Birth: Jun 1948
Date of Death: viv 2013
Generation: 9th
Residence: Ontario, Canada
Father: Richard Horace Cyril Townshend [5B28]
Mother: McClaughrey, May
  1. Hardie, Janet
  1. Barry Richard [5B50]
  2. Peter Desmond [5B51]
  3. Stephen Gavin [5B52]
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Notes for Desmond Walter Townshend

Desmond emigrated to Canada in June 1971.

Married 14 June 1974. Janet Hardie came from Glasgow, Scotland and emigrated to Canada in January 1971 (1).

Together with his wife and business partner, Janet, Desmond was a successful entrepreneur and business owner until 2008 when they sold the company and separated. He is currently (2009) pursuing his interests in photography.

(1) Desmond and Janet met at the end of November 1971 when Desmond went to a St. Andrew's day rugby dance. They next met in March 1972 at a St. Patrick's day rugby dance. Good for the patron Saints!

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