Elizabeth Townsend (144)

Date of Birth: 1742
Date of Death: 12 Apr 1831
Generation: 5th
Residence: Clondrohid, Co Cork and Kinsale
Father: Horatio Townsend [130]
Mother: Richards, Anne
  1. Townsend, Reverend Edward Synge (The Apostle) [601]
  1. Horatio (Horace) [607]
  2. Cornelius [608]
  3. Samuel [609]
  4. Thomas [610]
  5. Edward Synge [611]
  6. Reverend Richard [612]
  7. Reverend Philip [613]
  8. Mary [614]
  9. Susannah [615]
  10. Elizabeth [616]
  11. Anne [617]
  12. Grace [618]
  13. Helena Herbert [619]
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Notes for Elizabeth Townsend

Married 2 October 1766 at Macroom, Co Cork. Rev Edward Synge Townsend [601] (1), Rector of Clonrohid and eldest son of Horatio Townsend [600].

In his journal covering the first 25 years of his life, written in 1869, Edward Hume Townsend [626] recorded that in 1811, after visiting his great aunt Helena Townsend [6B00] he travelled with his mother to Kinsale where he met for the first time his paternal grandfather. He wrote.....'My grandfather, the Rev Edward Synge Townsend was infirm on his limbs, the result of rheumatism from which he had long suffered. His face was handsome, the expression remarkably sweet; his eyes dark and expressive; his manner full of bonhomie. My grandmother, Elizabeth Townsend was a tall rather elderly woman; not as handsome as her husband but full of love and kindness.'

Was the Bridgemount estate part of Elizabeth's dowry? See the entry for her brother, Cornelius Townsend [139].

Elizabeth died at Kinsale.

(1) Richard was born on 18 January 1741 and died on 2 January 1819