Thomas Townsend (610)

Date of Birth: 1780
Date of Death: dunm
Generation: 5th
Residence: Unknown
Father: Reverend Edward Synge (The Apostle) Townsend [601]
Mother: Elizabeth Townsend [144]
Spouse: Unmarried
Issue: None
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Notes for Thomas Townsend

Thomas was christened in Macroom, Co Cork on 30 April 1780.

Not shown by Judge John FitzHenry Townsend [250]

The records of the South Cork Light Infantry Militia show a 'Thomas Townsend’ commissioned as Ensign in 1806 - this could be Thomas who would have been have been about 24 at the time. The Militia Act of 1793 sets forth that-"Every person who has been or shall hereafter be appointed an Officer of the Militia of any of the ranks following, shall be in possession of an estate for his own life or the life of another, or for some greater estate in land or heritage's in the United Kingdom of the yearly value hereinafter mentioned in connection with such respective rank, or be heir apparent of some person who shall be in possession of a life estate in property of the like yearly value. For an Ensign the sum was £20 a year, or heir to £200 personal property a year.”

In the National Library of Ireland there is a document entitled ‘State of Assessment at Spring Assizes, 1815’ relating to the disbursement of funds in the County of Cork for the improvement of the road network in the county. On the second page there are three entries for various roadworks in the area of Monard/Kilcronin (about 6km due north of Cork ) on the “new Mail Coach Road from Charleville to Cork” with a total sum of £383-11s-6d allocated for the work. The grant was made to “George C Jeffreyes, JN Wrixon, Thomas Townsend, Chas D Oliver and others”. This could relate to Thomas or Thomas Townsend [509] but there is no evidence to support this.

In Protestant Militia and Volunteers 1778 Thomas' father is shown as the chaplain to the MUSKERRY VOLUNTEERS. "MUSKERRY VOLUNTEERS. Enrolled 1779. Force: 1 company. Uniform: blue, edged buff; buff waistcoat and breeches. Officers in 1782 - Captain Com., Thomas Barter; Captain, William Ashe; Lieutenant, John Barter; Ensign, Matthew Menheer; Chaplain, Edward Synge Townsend; Surgeon, Richard Grey, M.D.; Adjutant, John Butler."

An entry in West's Cork Directory 1809-1810 under the heading 'Gentry, Merchants, Traders etc' on page 23 records "Townshend. Thos Esq. Mardyke Street". Is this Thomas?