Grace Townsend (618)

Date of Birth: 4 Jun 1777
Date of Death: 30 Sept 1856
Generation: 5th
Residence: Lower Tawnies Cottage, Clonakilty
Father: Reverend Edward Synge (The Apostle) Townsend [601]
Mother: Elizabeth Townsend [144]
  1. Stewart, Henry Wilson
  1. Henry
  2. Edward
  3. Son
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Notes for Grace Townsend.

Grace was born in Macroom, Co Cork

Rev Henry Wilson Stewart LLD (1) Resident Vicar Templeomalus, Diocese Ross. He was the fourth son of Rev William Stewart of Co Meath and Jane Walsh of Ardagh House, Co Louth. He was ordained Deacon by the Bishop of Ossory at Dublin Castle on 15 March 1795 and Priest at Cork on 21 December 1797.

Curate Tullagh and Creagh 1797. Curate of Kilnagross and Templequinlan 1807. Priest Timoleague 1809. Vicar Tomdeely, Limerick 1812-1857. Vicar Kilcoe and Clear 1827-1838. Rector Templeomalus 1838-1857. A summary of Henry's ministry is given on page 552 of Brady's Parochial and Clerical Records Volume 2.

In 1807 a school was founded in Clonakilty, funded by Lord Shannon. Henry was appointed the Master and the school expanded rapidly under his leadership and was described as one of the ‘largest and most reputable endowed classical seminaries in the South of Ireland’. Edward Hume Townsend was a pupil there from 1812 to 1816. In his journal covering the first 25 years of his life, written in 1869, Edward recorded that.....'In 1812 Dr and Mrs Stewart (my uncle and aunt) came from Co Cork to Glenalla to convey me to Clonakilty School, of which Dr Stewart was master. My aunt Grace Stewart was the eldest daughter of my grandfather Townsend. Clonakilty school at that time contained about 40 boarders some of whom were from counties Kerry and Limerick, as well as Cork. Three of my Hart cousins entered the school at the same time as me, viz John, George and Thomas, the last named and I were in the same class and nearly of the same age.....It was a true trial to me to leave my mother; my aunt was very kind to me and so was my uncle. He was careful not to show me any favouritism in the school.'

Grace and Henry lived at Lower Tawnies Cottage, near Clonakilty and both died there.

The sons Henry Stewart and Edward Stewart took Holy Orders.

(1) Henry was born in 1773 and died on 14 April 1857. His parentage as given in Brady's is different to that shown above.