Edward Synge Townsend (611)

Date of Birth: 1773
Date of Death: 8 Aug 1843
Generation: 5th
Residence: Macroom
Father: Reverend Edward Synge (The Apostle) Townsend [601]
Mother: Elizabeth Townsend [144]
  1. Not known
  1. Daughter
  2. Jane
  3. John
  4. Daughter
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Notes for Edward Synge Townsend

Nothing is known about Edward's wife and very little about his early life.

In his journal covering the first 25 years of his life, written in 1869, Edward Hume Townsend [626] recorded that in 1811, after visiting his great aunt Helena Townsend [6B00] he travelled with his mother to Kinsale where he met for the first time his paternal grandfather,the Rev Edward Synge Townsend. After describing his grandfather he wrote.....'My grandparents had at this time 3 sons and 4 daughters living. The former were Horace who lived in London, Edward Synge who was a country squire somewhere near Macroom and Philip a clergyman.' As late as 1816 Edward recalls that Edward Synge was often staying at Kinsale with his parents when he visited from Clonakilty School.

Edward was 52 and a widower when he joined the Royal Irish Constabulary (2) as a Head Constable 1st Class on 1 January 1825. Serving for nigh on four years in Co Wexford and fourteen years in Co Kildare, he "received injuries on two occasions whilst in the Force by falls from his horse while on duty." His Service Record is shown in his 'Scrapbook' and shows that he had a son and three daughters.

A return dated 2 March 1837 showing Stipendiary Magistrates, Chief Constables and Sub-Inspectors of Police in the ‘Enhanced British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland’ records that "Townsend ES" was a Chief Constable at Rathangan, Co Kildare, with 11 years and five months previous service.

Of the children:

Jane was the middle daughter and married Isaac Williams of Dublin on 4 January 1842. They had a son, Edward, who was born on 22 October 1842. The Freemans Journal, Dublin of 1 April 1842 records "On the 1st Instant, in Kildare, Isaac Williams Esq., of this City, to Jane second eldest daughter of Edward Synge Townsend, Esq." She was born about 1818 and, judging from her portrait in her father's 'Scrapbook', lived into her mid-50s but did not survive her husband who died in 1889. He moved to Wales in the 1870s, and appears to have been an insurance actuary/agent.

John was born in 1819 and served in the Gloucestershire Constabulary. He died aged 23 on 16 June 1842 at Frampton on Severn. The Cheltenham Chronicle of 16 June 1842 records "afternoon of that day June 16, at Frampton Severn, aged 23 universally regretted, Mr. John Townsend, the Gloucestershire Constabulary, only son of Edward Synge Townsend, Esq. late Bridgmount, Macroom, co. Cork."

(1) Spare.

(2) Details of Edewards's service in the RIC are extracted from the book "Royal Irish Constabulary Officers – A Biographical Dictionary & Genealogical Guide, 1816-1922" by Jim Herlihy. ISBN 1-85182-826-5. Published in 2005 by Four Courts Press, 7 Malpas Street, Dublin 8, Ireland.