Doctor Francis Edward Townsend (6C16)

Date of Birth: 4 Nov 1863
Date of Death: 4 Oct 1932
Generation: 7th
Residence: Normanby, Yorkshire
Father: Doctor Edward Richard Townsend [6C04]
Mother: Humphries, Elizabeth
  1. Steavenson, Annette Theresa
  1. Francis Edward Steavenson [6C33]
  2. Arthur Eric [6C34]
  3. Hugh William Addison [6C35]
  4. Margaret Annette [6C36]
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Notes for Doctor Francis Edward Townsend MD

Married 25 February 1892. Annette Theresa Steavenson was the daughter of Francis E Steavenson, Town Clerk, Darlington, Co Durham.

Francis studied medicine at Trinity College, Dublin, and graduated in 1886, following which he established a medical practice in Eston and Normanby. He was also a member of the medical staff at Eston Hospital and a 'Certifying Surgeon under the Factory and Workshop Acts'. (1)

Francis died young suddenly at his home, Killora (2), Normanby, Eston, County York. Probate on his will was granted on 10 Feb 1933 and is listed in the National Archives of Ireland to his executors - his wife and John W Watts. His estate was valued at £1198-15s-0d. (Principal Registry of the High Court - ref CS/HC/PO/4/86/8005.)

Annette continued to live at Killora after the death of Edward and later moved to join her daughter Margaret in Gosforth where she died in 1948.

(1) London Gazette 33874 page 6555 dated 18 October 1932.

(2) Aldwell's General Directory 1844-45 records a ‘Townsend Samuel P' living at Killora, Co Cork but it is not certain whether this is Samuel Townsend [6A03]. Edward Townsend [6B20] lived at KIllora, Sligo. Why Francis should call his house Killora when there is no obvious connection with Samuel or Edward is a mystery.