Mary Elizabeth (Minnie) Townsend (6B14)

Date of Birth: 1834
Date of Death: 13 Jun 1893
Generation: 6th
Residence: Kilronan, Dunmanway, Co Cork
Father: Reverend Doctor William Robinson Townsend [6B02]
Mother: Young, Isabella
  1. Tuckey, John
  1. Thomas
  2. William
  3. John
  4. Edward
  5. Isabella
  6. Ursula
  7. Helena
  8. Dorothea
  9. Frances
  10. Mary
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Notes for Mary Elizabeth Townsend (Minnie)

Married 11 November 1862 at Aghada, Co Cork. Major John Tuckey (1) JP, Royal Cork Artillery, of Kilronan, Dunmanway, Co Cork, grandson of the Rev Thomas Tuckey (2) of Dromdaleague (3) 1818 to 1852 and Dorothea, daughter of Abraham Jagoe of Kilronan Co. Cork. The bridesmaids were her first cousins Mary Townsend [6C06], Eliza Townsend [6C07] and Lucy Townsend [6C08].

In a letter dated 24 July 1874 to his sister, Jane Tuckey, John Tuckey described Minnie - "I should tell you something of my wife. She is seven years and about two months younger than I and still a handsome woman with a high complexion and fine dark eyes. Though only 28 when she was married she had even then several grey hairs in her head, a family characteristic; and they have increased very considerably since. I am not saying by any means that I am without them myself. I can understand that at 18 years of age or so she was strikingly beautiful. But she is too big.

"Minnie's father with all his goodness was I must confess a slovenly man (that is untidy; for he was a man of a wonderful amount of energy); and her mother having been accustomed in her younger days to nothing but gaiety in the Army (her father was a General of the name of Young - a Northern family who think a great deal of themselves) had foolish antiquated ideas of this thing and that thing not being a genteel occupation for a lady; so that as you may suppose there was not much system observed in the economy of Aghada Glebes and so the best part as I call it of Minnie's education was sadly neglected; and she came here utterly ignorant of the duties of a woman of a house; and found them a great trial to her. Poor thing she has had plenty of experiences since then; and has profited by it too; especially in needlework.

"It would be hard to catch her idle; and what is very encouraging is she has found quite a market for crochet antimacassars in England which is quite a help towards the clothing of the children. Even now while laid up in her bed she scarcely ever discontinued the crochet. Fortunately she was always fond of teaching and, being very intellectual, is well qualified for it; so that between her and me and the teachers our children have all we need wish for as yet in the way of education."

Minnie's husband, John attended a training course at the School for Reserve Artillery Forces at Woolwich for two months in early 1872. Whilst there he met the widow of Minnie's brother Major Samuel Townsend [6B09] who was then living with her brother in Woolwich.

John was promoted Captain, granted Honorary Majority (Brevet rank) and appointed to command a Battery of the Royal Cork Artillery in 1873.

Of the children:

Isabella Dorothea (Bella) Tuckey (born January 1864), of Rathgar, Dublin. Trained as a teacher. Much involved in Gaelic Revival, went to Arran Islands to learn Irish. Friend of Eamon DeValera. Finally joined the RC Church. Died ca 1930.

Thomas William (Tom) Townsend Tuckey (born April 1865), Educated at Trinity College, Dublin. BE, MICE, Engineer-in-Chief of the Tientsin-Pukow Railway. Retired first to New Zealand and then to Victoria on Vancover Island, BC, where he died ca 1935. Married Amy Warren Creed, daughter of Dr Charles Creed MD, South Cork Militia, of Macroom, and had issue.

Francis, who had three sons - David, Michael and Patrick.

Ursula Helena Tuckey (born June 1866) Trained as a nurse. Married Fredrick DeFoubert of Southampton, who died soon after. Went to Trinity College, Dublin, Medical School and qualified as a doctor. Practiced in England. Died in Co Cork 1940.

Helena Frances Tuckey (born 14 July 1867). MA Trinity College Dublin. Served in France 1914-18 and with the War Graves Commission afterwards. For many years ran the "Scotch Tea Rooms" in St Malo, France. Refused to leave when the Germans occupied France in 1940, claiming to be a neutral Irish citizen! Died 1945.

Dorothea Elizabeth Tuckey died in infancy, ten weeks old.

William Robinson Townsend Tuckey (born October 1872), BE, MICE, of Tientsin, married Mary Grace, daughter of Charles Donovan, late ICS, of Ummera, Co Cork. Like his brother, Thomas, constructed railways in China and then retired to Vancouver, BC. Died 1945. Had issue:

Charles died young.

Daughter who became an expert puppeteer and died in 1993.

Frances Stella Tuckey (born 1873). Taught Cork City, until she went to Saskatoon, Canada in 1910/11 to join her brother, John, where she ran the YMCA until 1919, when she returned to England. Continued to work for the YMCA, finally settling in Putney, London. Died 1965.

Rev John Townsend Tuckey (born 14 January 1874),(4) Trinity College, Dublin BA 1898. Ordained Deacon 1899 and Priest 1900. Curate of St. Nicholas, Cork 1899-1903 when he became Curate of Holy Trinity, Cork. Served as Missionary in Saskatchewan, 1907-1910, Professor and Dean of Residence at Emmanuel College, University of Saskatchewan, 1910-1914. Married 1914, Jessie, daughter of Daniel Hockley. Returned to Ireland on the outbreak of the First World War and served most of his ministry at Glanmire, near Cork. Retired about 1947 to Reendesert, Bantry, Co Cork. Died 1951. Had Issue:

Godfrey, a brilliant scholar.

Derek, killed in the Second World War.

Mary Elizabeth (Minnie) Tuckey (born 1875). Married 1907 William Godfrey Sullivan, MA, TCD, Professor of Classics at Saskatchewan University, Saskatoon, Canada. Died 1944. Had issue:

Godfrey was a mining engineer.

Patsy (born 1913). Was assistant registrar, University of Victoria, BC.

Dr Edward Townsend Tuckey MD (born 1878). Had an an unfortunate marriage. Died at sea in the Far East 1909. Had issue

Edward was a bank clerk in Dublin.

Eileen was a physiotherapist in England and later in Canada.

The death of Mary was recorded by Agnes Townsend [334] in her diary - '1893 13 June Mrs Tuckey died'.

John Tuckey died on 4 December 1880. Page 667 of The Calendar of Wills and Administration 1858-1922 in the National Archives of Ireland records that the will of "John Tuckey late of Kilronan County Cork Major Cork Artillery Militia", who died on 4 December 1880 at same place, was proved at Cork on 24 February 1881 by "Mary Elizabeth Tuckey of same place Widow one of the Executors”. Effects under £1,500.

Mary is buried in St Mary's church, Dunmanway (gravestone 132), and a copy of the inscription on her headstone is reproduced in her 'Scrapbook'.

Not shown by Judge John FitzHenry Townsend [250].

Much of the detail in this record was provided by Robyn Tassoni (nee Ellett); a second great granddaughter of Jane Tuckey (later Ellett), sister of Major John Tuckey.

(1) U.H. Hussey de Burgh's ‘Landowners of Ireland 1878' records "TUCKEY, Major JOHN, Captain and Hon. Major Royal Cork City Artillery Militia, Kilronan, Dunmanway, co. Cork. 562 acres £272." Richard Newman Townsend [530] was Surgeon-Major Royal Cork City Artillery Militia. See also page 88 of Brady's Parochial and Clerical Records Volume 1 and the Tuckey Pedigree

(2) The entry for Tuckey in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "Capt. John Tuckey of Kilronan, Dunmanway, was the owner of over 600 acres in county Cork in the 1870s, while John Tuckey of Fermoy owned 112 acres. Rev. Thomas Tuckey was one of the principal lessors in the parishes of Dromdaleague, barony of West Carbery and Fanlobbus, barony of East Carbery, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. Samuel Morton Tuckey of The Hermitage appears to have been his son. Samuel Tuckey's death is recorded in ''The Cork Examiner'' (24 Oct 1864). Many members of the Tuckey family were clergymen."

(3) The entry for Dromdaleague House in the University of Galway Landed Estates Database records "At the time of Griffith's Valuation, Rev. Thomas Tuckey was leasing this property from George Bird, when it was valued at £12 5s. Lewis records it as the seat of Rev. T. Tuckey, rector, in 1837."

(4) John's entry in Reverend John Harding Cole's Church and Parish Records of the United Diocese of Cork, Cloyne and Ross 1863-1903 is listed on page 343.