Mary Townsend (6C06)

Date of Birth: 1841
Date of Death: dsp 6 Aug 1870
Generation: 6th
Residence: India
Father: Doctor Edward Richard Townsend [6C00]
Mother: Bath, Elizabeth Jane
  1. Harris, Pemberton
Issue: None
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Notes for Mary Townsend

Mary was bridesmaid to her first cousin Mary Elizabeth Townsend [6B14] on the occasion of her marriage to Major John Tuckey on 11 November 1862.

In a letter dated 24 July 1874, Major John Tuckey, the husband of Mary Elizabeth, wrote "The eldest bridesmaid Mary Townsend married an officer of the Royal Artillery (Captain Pemberton Harrison RA) a very nice good man I was told; and died in India about a year after. "

Pemberton Harrison was the second son of George Harrison MRCS of 65 Grosvenor street, Grosvenor Square, London. The marriage notice appears in the Medical Times and Gazette Vol 2 page 296 of 25 September 1869.