Elizabeth Jane (Dizzy) Townsend (6C07)

Date of Birth: 31 Aug 1843
Date of Death: Unknown
Generation: 6th
Residence: Mallow and Rathmines, Dublin
Father: Doctor Edward Richard Townsend [6C00]
Mother: Bath, Elizabeth Jane
  1. Wills, Robert Cooper
  1. Mary Townsend
  2. Elizabeth Lucy
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Notes for Elizabeth Jane Townsend (Dizzy)

Elizabeth was born in Cork and was bridesmaid to her first cousin Mary Elizabeth Townsend [6B14] on the occasion of her marriage to Major John Tuckey on 11 November 1862.

Married 29 October 1872. Ven Archdeacon Robert Cooper Wills DD (1) Albert Medal. Rector of Mallow, Co Cork 1873 and Archdeacon of Cloyne.

The April 1901 Irish Census shows Elizabeth aged 56, living at house 7 in West-end Street, Mallow, Cork, with her husband, their two single daughters, her niece and two domestic servants. The house consisted of 14 rooms, a coach house and stable. The April 1911 Irish Census records Elizabeth living in an eight roomed house at 3, Dartmouth Square, Rathmines, Dublin, with her husband then retired aged 74, their two unmarried daughters, a hospital nurse and domestic servant.

Of the children, Mary Townsend Wills was born in 1874 and Elizabeth Lucy Wills was born in 1876. They both died at Boscombe, Wiltshire, in 1951.

(1) Robert Wills was born in Co Leitrim in 1837 and died on 5 September 1916. His biography can be seen on page 239 of Reverend John Harding Cole's Church and Parish Records of the United Diocese of Cork, Cloyne and Ross 1863-1903.