Major Samuel Philip Townsend (6B09)

Date of Birth: ca 1810
Date of Death: dsp ka 5 Nov 1854
Generation: 6th
Residence: Woolwich, London
Father: Reverend Doctor William Robinson Townsend [6B02]
Mother: Young, Isabella
  1. Campbell, Jane
Issue: None
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Notes for Major Samuel Philip Townsend

Married 4 December 1844. Jane Anne Fraser Campbell (b. 1814) third daughter of Colonel Campbell and niece to General Sir John Campbell KCB. The wedding was announced in the Kerry Evening Post, item 2236.

Samuel was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery on 26 July 1831 (1). Promoted Lieutenant 15 months later, he was promoted Second Captain on 22 August 1842 and Captain on 24 November 1847 (2); it is not known where he served during these early years.

His regiment was involved in the Crimean War 1853 - 1856 though Samuel was killed at the Battle of Inkerman on 5 November 1854 having just been promoted Major in June that year (3). He was Mentioned in Despatches by Field Marshal the Lord Raglan - "Major Townsend, of the Artillery, who was unfortunately killed. He was considered a most valuable officer.." (4). In addition the London Gazette of 10 July 1855 lists "Officers of the Army and Navy who would have been recommended for the honours of the First, Second, and Third Classes of the Order of the Bath, had they survived....For the THIRD CLASS...Brevet-Major S. P. Townsend, Royal Artillery." (5)

Samuel is buried on Cathcart's Hill and his memorial reads "Sacred to the memory of Major Samuel Philip Townsend Royal British Artillery who fell at Inkerman on the 5th of November 1854 in command of a battery of 9 pounders attached to the 4th Division under Major General Sir George Cathcart."

In a letter dated 24 July 1874 to his sister, Jane, Major John Tuckey, the husband of Samuel's sister, Mary (Minnie) Townsend [6B14], wrote "I must tell you that Minnie had a brother a Major in the Royal Artillery, a fine good man who was killed at Inkerman. He was married to a daughter of General Campbell R.A. She is living at Woolwich with her brother Col. Campbell R.A. & C.B. who is Superintendent of the Gun department in the Royal Arsenal. They were passing kind to me when I was alone at Woolwich; inviting me to the house oftener than I could go and taking me in the carriage to see the curiosities of the place."

'An Officer of the Long Parliament' Ch XII p. 274.

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