Marion Hungerford (May) Townshend (632)

Date of Birth: Mar or Apr 1865
Date of Death: 25 Apr 1941
Generation: 7th
Residence: Unknown
Father: Commander John Townsend FRGS [622]
Mother: Marianne Oliver (Minnie) Townshend [5D16]
Spouse: Unmarried
Issue: None
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Notes for Marion Hungerford Townsend (May)

Nothing is know of May before but in 1890, if not before, she was looking after her Uncle, Aubrey Townsend [621] and all his affairs, in his home at Woodbine, Huish, RSO, Somerset. Following his death in 1891 she took up nursing.

By 1894 May was nursing in the Women's & Children's Hospital in Cork (1) but in a letter dated June 15 1898 from Crispin House, Vale Road, Southborough, Kent to her brother Edward Townsend [630] she wrote "I have now left the Kent Nursing Institution, & am going to take a good long holiday & hope to go out to another in Oct. I have been nursing nearly 5 years now, & want a good long rest from work". After her 'rest' it would appear that she took up an appointment in a hospital somewhere near Edinburgh. In a letter dated 18 July 1899 May's mother wrote to Edward from Macpherson's Hotel, 47, George Street, Edinburgh and told him of going to 'see May's Hospital'.

In 1914-15 May was working in a Field Hospital annexed to the American Hospital at St Valery, in France

(1) ‘Slater’s Royal National Directory of Ireland, 1894’ records under the heading ‘Cork Street Directory - Tivoli road, Middle Glanmire Road’ - “Townsend Miss, Hungerford W, 2 The View.” Whilst the initials do not fully match, Marion was nursing in Cork at the time and the father of her cousin's (Edward Hume Townsend [642] wife, Dr William Ashley Cummins, was a surgeon in the same hospital. The Directory entry could also refer to Mary Hungerford Townsend [6A18].