Lieut Cdr RN Edward Richard (Teddy) Townsend (6C25)

Date of Birth: 23 Aug 1900
Date of Death: Oct 1986
Generation: 8th
Residence: Merrion, Co Dublin
Father: Captain Edward Bridges Townsend [6C10]
Mother: Kathleen Mary Henrietta Townsend [6B39]
  1. Pearson, Iris Grace
  1. Richard John [6C44]
  2. Kathleen Patricia (Dooney) [6C45]
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Notes for Lieutenant Commander Edward Richard Townsend RN (Teddy)

Married 21 January 1941. Iris Grace Pearson was the youngest daughter of John Pearson of Roseville, Mayfield, Co Cork.

Edward was educated at the Royal Naval College, Osbourne, Isle of Wight and Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. He served in both World Wars and retired in 1947.

He was living at Fairholme, North Avenue, Merrion, Co Dublin when he died.