Kathleen Patricia (Dooney) Townsend (6C45)

Date of Birth: 24 Mar 1942
Date of Death: viv 1975
Generation: 9th
Residence: Unknown
Father: Lieut Cdr RN Edward Richard (Teddy) Townsend [6C25]
Mother: Pearson, Iris Grace
  1. Swales, John Douglas
  1. Philip Patrick Richard (b. 25 Sep 1972)
  2. Charlotte Rachel (b. 11 Nov 1975)
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Notes for Kathleen Patricia Townsend (Dooney)

Married 7 October 1967. Professor John Douglas Swales (1) MD. MRCP. of Leicester University was the son of Frank Swales of Leicester. Kathleen was educated at Trinity College, Dublin (BA 1963. MA 1966).

Of the children; Philip Swales is a doctor in Leicester and Charlotte Swales is a chartered accountant in London. (As at 2000).

(1) John was born in 1935 and died of a heart attack in 2000. He was a leading authority on hypertension.