Kathleen Mary Henrietta Townsend (6B39)

Date of Birth: 20 Sep 1876
Date of Death: 4 Mar 1956
Generation: 7th
Residence: Unknown
Father: Horatio Hamilton Townsend [6B05]
Mother: Ware, Elizabeth
  1. Townsend, Captain Edward Bridges [6C10]
  1. Doctor Horace Samuel [6C24]
  2. Lieut Cdr RN Edward Richard (Teddy) [6C25]
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Notes for Kathleen Mary Henrietta Townsend

Married 25 August 1898 (1). Captain Edward Bridges Townsend RN [6C10] was the eldest son of Vice Admiral Samuel Philip Townsend [6C01].

Edward, a Surgeon Captain, was born 30 May 1861 and died 7 November 1932.

(1) Entry in the diary of Agnes Townsend [334] - 'August 25 1898 Surgeon (Staff) Townshend RN married Miss Kathleen T - H H T's daughter'.