Doctor Horace Samuel Townsend (6C24)

Date of Birth: 20 Jun 1899
Date of Death: 1988
Generation: 8th
Residence: North Moulton, Devon
Father: Captain Edward Bridges Townsend [6C10]
Mother: Kathleen Mary Henrietta Townsend [6B39]
  1. Reeks, Phyllis Victoria
  1. Angela Deirdre Victoria Jane [6C42]
  2. Deborah Elizabeth Mary [6C43]
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Notes for Doctor Horace Samuel Townsend MD

Married 7 August 1943 (1). Phyllis Victoria Reeks was the elder daughter of Frederic Reeks of St Alban's, Herts.

Like his father, Edward Bridges Townsend [6C10], Horace studied medicine at King's College Hospital (MRCS. LRCP) and was the Senior Health Officer, Colonial Medical Service in the Gold Coast. He was living at Fraynes House, North (South?) Moulton, Devon when he died.

(1) Entry in the diary of Agnes Townsend [334] - 'July 1899 Mrs (Staff Surgeon) Townsend had a son'.