Hugh Townsend CB (6A28)

Date of Birth: 17 Nov 1890
Date of Death: 9 Jul 1974
Generation: 7th
Residence: Niton Undercliffe, IOW
Father: Colonel George Robert Townshend [6A15]
Mother: Wisdom, Petrie
  1. Higham, Winifred Dora Mary
  1. Francis Hugh [6A36]
  2. Mary Winifred Rose [6A37]
  3. Doctor Petrie Maud [6A38]
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Notes for Hugh Townshend CB

Married 1920. Winifred Dora Mary Higham (1) was the daughter of Rev William Charles Richard Higham, Rural Dean of Trentham, Staffs.

Hugh was educated at King's School, Canterbury and Trinity College, Cambridge (BA 1912). He graduated with first class honours in the Mathematical Tripos and thus became a Wrangler. He served with the Royal Engineers in World War I after which he was appointed Director Overseas Telecommunications with the GPO.

Hugh was appointed CB in 1947.

In 1936 Hugh and Winifred were living on the Isle of Wight at Niton Undercliff

(1) Winifred died in 1972.