Mary Winifred Rose Townshend (6A37)

Date of Birth: 15 May 1926
Date of Death: viv 2014
Generation: 8th
Residence: Unknown
Father: Hugh Townsend CB [6A28]
Mother: Higham, Winifred Dora Mary
  1. Alger, Walter James
  1. James Francis Patrick
  2. William Hugh Blaise
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Notes for Mary Winifred Rose Townshend

Married 13 October 1961. Walter James Algar (d.1986) was the son of Francis Xavier Algar who lived in Spain.

Mary was a teacher.

Of the children:

James Francis Patrick Algar was born in 1964 and married Lucy Helen Stephenson on 15 July 1995 and had three children - Isobel Mary Helen Algar b.1997, Jack Walter Ben Algar b. 2000 and Constance Elinor Rose Algar b. 2007.

William Hugh Blaise Algar was born in 1966.