Edward Synge Townsend (6A12)

Date of Birth: 21 Sep 1843
Date of Death: dunm Aug 1908
Generation: 6th
Residence: Unknown
Father: Samuel Philip Townsend [6A03]
Mother: Newman, Frances Helena
Spouse: Unmarried
Issue: None
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Notes for Edward Synge Townsend

Alumni Trinity College Dublin from Co Cork and Kerry 1593-1860 in Dr Casey's Collection records that Edward was taught by Dr Stacpoole before he entered Trinity College, Dublin, as a Pensioner on 20 October 1860 aged 17 as a pensioner who paid a fixed sum annually for his studies Dr Stacpoole also tutored Edward's brother, Samuel Philip Townsend [6A11], and his distant cousin Horace Webb Townsend [634], who entered the University in 1858 and 1857 respectively.

Nothing further is known about Edward and he is not shown in 'An Officer of the Long Parliament'.