Doctor Richard Hume Townshend (659)

Date of Birth: 10 Aug 1918
Date of Death: 6 Jan1998
Generation: 8th
Residence: Fulwood, Sheffield & Llanfair Waterdine
Father: Edward Hume Steele Townshend [642]
Mother: Cummins, Una Jane
  1. Tottey, Mary Margaret
  1. David Michael Hume [667]
  2. Caroline Mary [668]
  3. Jennifer Margaret [669]
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Notes for Doctor Richard Hume Townshend MB ChB FRCP

Richard was born in Lichfield.

Married 1 May 1948. Mary (1) was the daughter of WH Tottey of West Kirby.

Richard was educated at Haileybury and Manchester University (BSc).

On the outbreak of the Second World War Richard joined the Merchant Navy and later transferred to the Royal Navy. After the war he returned to Manchester to train in thoracic medicine and after some years in practice there, focusing on the treatment of tuberculosis, moved to the chest clinic at Sheffield Royal Infirmary in 1953. He remained there for the rest of his working life as a consultant chest physician and was a pioneer in the use of the rigid bronchoscope.

Retiring in 1982 Richard went to live in Llanfair Waterdine in South Shropshire on the Welsh border. During his retirement he was able to devote his time to fly fishing, ornithology and wild life conservation. Richard and Mary were keen gardeners and developed a beautiful garden in their home which they regularly opened for charity.

Richard died of heart failure after a hip replacement operation. His obituary can be seen in the British Medical Journal of 24 May 1997.

(1) Mary was BSc and PhD.