Alicia Hewitt Townshend (5D48)

Date of Birth: between 1847 - 52
Date of Death: Unknown
Generation: 6th
Residence: Monte Fiano, Italy & London
Father: Reverend Chambre Corker Townsend [5D01]
Mother: Oliver, Eliza Wilmot
  1. Morgan, Edward Strachan
  1. Phoebe Olive
  2. Hugh Townshend
  3. Edward Percival
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Notes for Alicia Hewitt Townshend

When her father died in 1852, Alicia was less than 5 years old and her mother, maternal grandparents and aunt, Katherine Townshend [5D06], acted as guardians to her and her siblings until they came of age. Under the terms of her father’s will (1) dated 2 September 1846 she became entitled to an equal share of £2,000 devised to all the children, except her half-brother Horace Payne-Townshend [5D12] who inherited the entire Derry estate.

Married 10 July 1880 at Canizaro House (2), Wimbledon and given away by her half-brother Horace. Edward Strachan Morgan MA of was the second son of Rev D Morgan of Monte Fiano, Florence, Italy.

Alicia studied at the Slade School of Art and was an accomplished artist. At some stage Edward was the Master of Classics at Merchant Taylor's School. He must also have been a competent linguist for he translated 'Chronicles of the City of Perugia 1492-1503' by Francesco Matarazzo in 1905.

In a letter (3) from Naples dated 27th December 1897 to her son, Edward Townsend [630], Marianne Townsend [5D16] wrote that she left most of her valuables "in charge of Alice and Edward at Monte Fiano three years ago - being quite afraid to take such things into southern Italy".

Alicia’s grandfather, Major General Oliver died on 11 January 1854. In his will, dated 25 February 1853 (4), he devised his personal estate to his trustees who were to invest the same and pay the interest to his wife, Marianne, during her lifetime and after her death to his daughter Eliza Townshend (Alicia’s mother). After her death the residue was to be divided equally amongst her surviving children share and share alike.

Likewise he devised his real estate in Suffolk and Kerry to his trustees who were to pay the yearly rents to his wife during her lifetime and after her death to Eliza. After her death when the children came of age, or if the daughters married before then, they were to receive their share of the real estate or the rents thereof, or if the real estate was sold they were to receive their share of the principal or the interest of the proceeds.

Alicia’s mother died on 17 August 1906 and her share of the Oliver estate amounted to £3,032.

In his unpublished autobiography (5) Edward Mansel Townshend [630] wrote "It must have been in the Spring of 1880 that we heard of my Aunt Alice’s engagement to Edward Morgan......I discovered, later, that each had inherited fairly substantial means and a very comfortable home was possible for them and the marriage proved a happy one. The Wedding took place at Canizaro, the beautiful House on Wimbledon Common....There was a great gathering of the Townshend, Oliver, and Morgan Families for the occasion and I think something over 40 to 60 Guests must have been present. Admiral Oliver was there and Horace Payne Townshend, of Queen’s Gate and Derry, (my God-father) and his two daughters were also present. My Uncle Dick was back from Colorado and my Aunt's old school-friend, at Miss May’s School, Clifton, Dora Baker, had also come. My Brother and I, and the two Derry Cousins, being apparently the youngest present, had to lead the procession from the large Drawing-room to the Wedding Breakfast, in the big Dining-room, and I remember that Dora Baker and my Uncle Dick were also paired off, and sat next each other, and seemed very friendly, and their happy engagement was announced soon after."

Of the children:

Hugh Townshend Morgan was born some time between 1881 and 1887. Most probably he was educated at Bedales, like his younger brother, following which he trained as an architect. Details of his military service during the First World War are sketchy but it is known that he was commissioned in the Machine Gun Corps (MGC). Rather confusingly two "HT Morgan's" appear in the London Gazette; of the three entries that apply to Hugh, the first records that he was appointed an assistant machine gun instructor with the rank of Acting Lieutenant and graded for pay at 'Hythe Rates' with effect from 1 October 1917.(6) The second entry in the Gazette records that he relinquished the acting rank of Lieutenant on ceasing to be an Assistant Instructor on 22 December 1917.(7) The final entry records that he relinquished his commission on completion of service on 23 March 1919.(8)

Hugh married Christina Trend daughter of Sir William Trend. Family correspondence records that Hugh was killed by an avalanche in Switzerland in 1926. In a letter to his brother George Chambre Wilmot Townshend [5D33], William Pearson Townshend [5D35] wrote from Southsea in 1906 - "There is quite an invasion of Townshends in Southsea; Aunt Bessie is here for the winter, then Aunt Anne and Hugh Morgan are coming down tomorrow for a week, so it will be quite a large gathering at Horace's on Christmas Day". (9)

Edward Percival Morgan was born on 1 May 1888 and educated at Bedales School and Wye Agricultural College, following which he emigrated to Canada. On the outbreak of the First World War he enlisted in the Canadian Army but later transferred to the British Army and was commissioned into the Royal Flying Corps. Sent to the Front in May 1918 he died of wounds received on 22nd of that month and is buried in the Longuenesse (St Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.

Edward Strachan Morgan was living at 56 Boundary Road NW, London in 1918.

(1) Derry Papers 5D01/6. Will of Chambre Corker Townsend dated 2 September 1846 with codicil dated 5 April 1851. Probate 9 Sep 1852.

(2) It is now an hotel. Alicia's sister Susan Townsend [5D21] and her husband had taken Canizaro House for the season at a rent of £20 per week.

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