George Chambre Wilmot Townshend (5D33)

Date of Birth: 25 Nov 1863
Date of Death: 1 May 1949
Generation: 7th
Residence: Croydon, Surrey
Father: Nathaniel Wilmot Oliver Townshend [5D13]
Mother: Strawson, Maria
  1. Gray, Eliza Susan (Bessie)
  1. Basil Wilmot Oliver [5D44]
  2. Ruth Katherine [5D45]
  3. Janet Gray [5D46]
  4. Caroline French [5D47]
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Notes for George Chambre Wilmot Townshend (always called Wilmot)

Wilmot was born in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire.

Married 10 May 1894 in Hove, Brighton, Sussex. Eliza Susan Gray (1) was the daughter of French Gray, Ceylon Civil Service.

Wilmot started his career in banking with the National Provincial Bank in London in 1882. When he retired in 1923 he was Manager of the Building Department in the bank and was responsible for all business transactions in connection with the acquisition of land and premises for new branches and extensions.

In 1902 Wilmot moved to 49 Ashburton Road, Croydon, Surrey, and remained there till his death in Addiscombe, Surrey.

Item Reference 
FIN/1/3363 in the National Archives of Ireland relates to an application to the Quit Rent Office in 1923 by “Mr. G.C.W. Townsend, for purchase of quit rent at Killkerrane, Co. Cork”.

In his private life Wilmot was a keen and competent sportsman taking a particular interest in sailing, cycling and gymnastics - he founded the Croydon Gymnastic Society. A redoubtable opponent in the ring, he took an especial interest in teaching young boys how to box.

The Derry Papers (2) show that Wilmot was an executor for the will of his father and aunt Anne Townshend [5D20] (3).

Rather strangely, the records of the Royal Cork Yacht Club show that Wilmot joined the club in 1897 and was still a member in 1905.

(1) Eliza was born on 26 June 1864 in Colombo and died on 15 November 1937 in St Leonard's on Sea and was buried at Elmer's End Cemetery, Beckenham, Kent, on 20 November 1937. She was living at Crosland Moor Bottom, Huddersfield, in 1872 and in Hove 1881-91.

(2) Derry Papers OL8a and 8b.

(3) London Gazette 33524 page 5248 dated 9 August 1929.