Basil Wilmot Oliver Townshend (5D44)

Date of Birth: 22 Apr 1898
Date of Death: 1975
Generation: 8th
Residence: Farnham, Surrey
Father: George Chambre Wilmot Townshend [5D33]
Mother: Gray, Eliza Susan (Bessie)
  1. Hirst, Doris
  1. Dudley Christopher Wilmot [5D64]
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Notes for Basil Wilmot Oliver Townshend

Basil was an aeronautical engineer who specialized in aircraft design and development, with particular emphasis on maritime survival and life rafts. Throughout his life he campaigned strongly for all aircraft to carry such equipment. In 1938 he joined the Air Ministry and was responsible for the development of air/sea rescue devices of various kinds, which saved over 10,000 lives during the Second World War. He filed a patent on 20 December 1943 with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for a life raft.

Later in his career Basil became a consultant with RFD Co in Goldalming - now RFD Beaufort - specializing in all types of maritime survival equipment.

He lived in Farnham, Surrey in a house that he designed himself.