Katherine Disney (Katy) Townshend (5D39)

Date of Birth: 16 Jun 1867
Date of Death: 17 Aug 1941
Generation: 7th
Residence: Paris and Sydney, Australia
Father: Nathaniel Wilmot Oliver Townshend [5D13]
Mother: Strawson, Maria
  1. Lawrence, Herbert Ardlaw
Issue: None
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Notes for Katherine Disney Townshend (Katy)

Katherine was born in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

Married 5 July 1930, aged 63, in Australia. Nothing is known about Herbert Lawrence.

Educated at North London Collegiate School and the Home and Colonial Training College, Katy taught at a private school till 1894 when she went to Paris. There she started a boarding house with her sister, Helena Townshend [5D38], and Madame Mansfield and remained in Paris running the business until her health broke down in 1908. Sometime around 1895 Katy's sister, Florence Townshend [5D41] joined her in Paris to help run the boarding house and remained there until Helena gave up the business.

Katy returned to England to recover her health, following which she went to Australia and set up another boarding house.

Katherine died at Rydalstown, Sydney, Australia.