Herbert Eyre Dalrymple Townsend (5B30)

Date of Birth: 2 Apr 1888
Date of Death: 29 Mar 1975
Generation: 8th
Residence: Devon
Father: Charles Eyre Coote Townsend [5B14]
Mother: Billing, Ida
  1. Griffin, Agnes Emily
  2. Freeman, Phyllis Gertrude
    • Joan Pamela Coote [5B48]
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Notes for Herbert Eyre Dalrymple Townsend

Herbert was born in Dublin and was educated at Hinwick House preparatory school, Wellingborough. The name Dalrymple derives from his great great grandfather - Thomas Dalrymple an attorney in Dublin, who died in 1779.

Married 1st 1913 in Farnham, Surrey. Agnes' maiden name was Baines. Married 2nd 1934 in Leicestershire.

Herbert, like his brother Percy, was commissioned into the Royal Field Artillery during the First World War. Following the war he tried his hand as a turf accountant in Brighton but this clearly failed as recorded in the London Gazette Issue 33062 of 30 June 1925.

At some time after this, the two brothers went to Kenya and settled at Kitale. where they farmed some time in the late 1920's and early 1930's. Records in the CRB Africa Group in Nairobi show that the brothers farmed in Njoro with Percy specifically at the "Thurlestone Estate". The records also show a "GM Townsend" farming at Nakuru and at Kitale - presumably George Marsden Townshend [5D30] who previously worked for the Indian Forestry Service but lost a leg when he was attacked by a tiger - and a "PPA Townsend" at Hawks West Farm; this would have been Patrick Philip Achilles Townshend [6A50] who was a coffee planter whose wife died at Kitale in 1939.

Herbert returned to the UK prior to 1934 (1) and settled in Devon.

(1) He was certainly there in 1931 for he won a "Hole-in-One" trophy from the Kitale Golf Club that year.