George Marsden Townshend (5D30)

Date of Birth: 1881
Date of Death: 7 Oct 1965
Generation: 7th
Residence: Kenya and Lymington, Hants
Father: Chambre Corker Townshend [5D14]
Mother: Gibson, Emily Caroline
  1. Reynolds, Dorothy Elizabeth
  1. Lieutenant Commander RN John Howard [5D52]
  2. Richard Chambrey [5D53]
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Notes for George Marsden Townshend

Dorothy Elizabeth Reynolds (1) was the daughter of HG Reynolds of the Indian Civil Service.

George was educated at Rugby. He worked in the Indian Forestry Service during which time he was attacked by a tiger which sprang up onto his elephant. He had to have his leg amputated and this forced him to retire from the Service. He went out to South Africa and later farmed for ten years at Kitale in Kenya. It was during the voyage out to South Africa that George met Dorothy whose farm was only 100 miles from Kitale.

The brothers Herbert Eyre Dalrymple Townsend [5B30] and Percy Dalrymple Townsend [5B31] went to Kenya some time in the late 1920's and settled at Kitale. Records in the CRB Africa Group in Nairobi show that the brothers farmed in Njoro with Percy specifically at the "Thurlestone Estate". The records also show a "GM Townsend" farming at Nakuru and at Kitale - presumably George Marsden and a "PPA Townsend" at Hawks West Farm; this would have been Patrick Philip Achilles Townshend [6A50] who was a coffee planter whose wife died at Kitale in 1939.

In 1957 George was living at Paradise Copse, Sway Road, Lymington, Hants and it was here that Dorothy died. George died at Hordle Grange Nursing Home, Lymington, and was cremated in Southampton.

(1) Dorothy died on 31 July 1963.