Joan Pamela Coote Townsend (5B48)

Date of Birth: 8 Feb 1921
Date of Death: 5 Dec 2000
Generation: 9th
Residence: Cheshire & Hampshire
Father: Herbert Eyre Dalrymple Townsend [5B30]
Mother: Griffin, Agnes Emily
  1. Langdon, John Gordon
  1. Alastair John
  2. Valerie Joan
  3. Michael David
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Notes for Joan Pamela Coote Townsend

Married 1942 in Oxford.

Joan was born in Hastings but spent most of childhood in Kenya, returning to the UK in about 1932.

During the Second World War, Joan worked for MI5 at Blenheim Palace between 1940 and 1944. Her desk was situated in the Long Library and enjoyed stunning views of the gardens!

Of the children:

Alastair John Langdon was born in 1950.

Valerie Joan Langdon was born in 1954.

Michael David Langdon was born on 3 February 1956 and lives in London. He has provided much information about his forebears.