Patches for MESA

This page provides patches that modify the MESA source code and/or the build infrastructure. Sometimes, this is necessary in order to successfully build the code.

Compatibility Patches

Old releases of the MESA SDK are provided to allow users to build old versions of MESA. However, sometimes one wants to build an old version of MESA with a newer SDK — for instance, because the SDK contains a more up-to-date gcc/gfortran compiler. In principle this should be possible; but in practice the software that ships with newer SDK tend to be more strict about adherence to programming language standards. This can causes the MESA build to fail.

The compatibility patches in the table below tweak the MESA source code to bring it into (or closer to) standards adherence, thereby allowing a successful build.

MESA Version Patch File Notes
r12778 mesa-r12778-compat-patch.diff Fixes BOZ and interface mismatch errors

If you're running into issues with a version of MESA not listed in this table, please contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Other Patches

The patches in the table below cover other situations where the MESA source code and/or build infrastructure requires modification.

MESA Version Patch File Notes
mesa-xcode-15-patch.diff Allows MESA to be built on MacOS using XCode 15

Applying a Patch

To apply one of the patches in the sections above, download it and place it in the top-level directory of the MESA version you want to modify (i.e., the directory corresponding to $MESA_DIR). The, run this command from the same directory:

patch -p1 < patch_file

...where patch_file is the name of the file.

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