Lieut Colonel Cuthbert Hanson Townsend (6C13)

Date of Birth: 5 Apr 1872
Date of Death: 27 Jan 1956
Generation: 7th
Residence: Ewell, Surrey
Father: Vice Admiral Sir Samuel Philip Townsend [6C01]
Mother: Bridges, Emma Maria
  1. Barnewall, Letitia
  2. Denton, Muriel Amy
    • Reginald Philip [6C27]
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Notes for Lieutenant Colonel Cuthbert Hanson Townsend

Cuthbert was born in Queenstown, Cork and baptised in the parish of Rushbrooke on 5 May 1872.

Married 1st 11 June 1919. Hon Letitia Anne Margaret Barnewall (1) was the third daughter of Charles Aloysius Barnewall 18th Baron Trimlestown.(1a) Married 2nd April 1946. Muriel Amy Denton was the daughter of H Denton of Surrey.

Cuthbert was born at Rushbrook and educated at United Service College, Westward Ho!, North Devon. Cuthbert's brother, Edward Bridges Townsend [6C10] was also educated at United Service College. Following training at the Royal Military College Sandhurst Cuthbert was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant on 18 June 1892 (2) into the East Surrey Regiment. Promoted Lieutenant on 29 May 1894, he was appointed Adjutant in November 1896 (3). Thirty months later he was seconded for service with the Egyptian Army in March 1899 (4) and was awarded the Order of Medjidieh, Fourth Class, for his services (5).

Promoted Captain on 14 January 1901, Cuthbert was placed on the Half-Pay List on 9 March 1909 (6). Retiring from the Army in 1910, he entered the Sudan Government Service and was appointed Governor Berber Province. Three years later he was appointed Governor and Commandant Troops Kassala Province for which he was awarded the Order of the Nile 3rd Class in June 1916 (7).

Promoted Pasha, Cuthbert retired from the Sudan Government Service in 1917, having been promoted Major in 1915 (8), and took up an appointment at the War Office 1917-18. During these last years in the army he was promoted Brevet Lieutenat Colonel following which he was appointed Regional Director at the Ministry of Pensions, where he remained until 1925.

Cuthbert was living at Godrevy, Park Hill Road, Ewell, Surrey when he died.

See Who's Who 1929.

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